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PCBA & Medical Device Manufacturer 

Who We Are


GRANTECH PTE LTD established on 6th October 2009. Our core businesses are turnkey PCBA and Box-build manufacturer. We have grown over the years and have done industrial products, consumer products, biometric products and railway products.

We have a team of experienced Project Management personnel to handle the projects with fast response to customers’ requirement.


We expanded our expertise into manufacturing medical device in Singapore. Driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, we armed ourselves to join the call of manufacturing surgical face masks in Singapore, hoping to strengthen our local supplies. We look forward to manufacture other medical devices to make our countries' medical supply more resilient. Not only that, we can help you to mass-produce your medical product brands here in Singapore.

Understanding Your Business Needs


Once we are in communication and have signed a non-disclosure agreement, we will proceed to understand your products/brands and find the best manufacturing solution to your products/brands.

Finalizing Your Bill Of Material


Once we have received your BOM and relevant documentation, our team will begin to evaluate and source for materials. If there any components that are either too expensive or the lead time is exceptionally long, our team to make an effort to propose any alternative components to make your BOM pricing is competitive

Mass Production


Once your BOMs and testing procedures are finalized, our team will schedule and plan raw materials & manpower for mass production, making sure the manufacturing process is swift and smooth-going. Our quality & project engineers will make sure to maintain your product's quality, provide technical support in factory and keep the delivery schedule on time.

Taking Care Of Logistics


When your goods are ready for shipment, our team will assist in arranging logistic transportation to your place of delivery. We have a few trusted freight forwarding partners to handle all types of goods, including dangerous goods such as batteries. All you have to do is to focus on your business and marketing while waiting for your brand-new products to arrive safely.

How we can help you in mass producing your product

Contract Manufacturing

We offer various manufacturing services to build your own unique products/brands. No matter how complex your product design may be, we have our ways to get it manufactured.


Project Management

We have a dedicate team of engineers and managers to plan and execute the production line. Our team has the expertise to help tackle whatever quality/engineering issue in the production line

Global Sourcing

In order to manufacture products of the highest quality, we have built countless of business relationships with suppliers around the world in order to obtain raw materials of the highest quality with compelling pricing so that your product will always be of top-notch quality.

Full Turnkey/Box Build

Our team are capable to build and assemble within our compound if the volume is small or if it is a prototype build. When the production volume increase, we let our partner factories to take over while we monitor its progress and development

Cable Harnessing

Our engineers and operators have assembled many complex cable harnessing to cater for different manufacturing projects.

Metal Fabrication

We have the general metal fabrication capabilities to build complex assemblies & fixtures required for the project.

PCB Assembly

Our partner factory's state of the art SMT lines are more than capable to assemble massive amount of printed circuit boards in the shortest time possible. They are able to assemble complex electronic components such as flexible PCB, BGA , micro BGA or even component size smaller than 0201 onto the board. 

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