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3 Ply Disposable Surgical Mask

Fully Certified Under EN14683 : 2019 Type IIR

Listed in HSA's Surgical Mask Manufacturer

We are one of the approved surgical mask manufacturer in Singapore who manufactures 3-ply disposable surgical face mask

Medical Devices

Surgical mask is our very first medical device that we manufacture. Along the way, we will further explore & manufacture other medical devices to strengthen medical supply chain in Singapore

Surgical Face Mask Manufacturer in Singapore

HSA License Number: ES0501479


You Asked, We Answered

Are we listed under "Surgical Masks Manufactured By Local Licensed Manufacturers" in HSA website?

Yes we are one of the recommended surgical mask manufacturer listed in HSA website. We have manufactured our mask under the brand name "Granzilla" & "Aircare".

What certification do you have for your surgical mask?

Our mask are certified under EN13485:2016 Type IIR, the highest level of protection stated in this standard. We also have our HSA license ES0501479.

Is your surgical mask ASTM F2100-19 certified?

We have almost all of the test certified under the ASTM F2100-19 requirement except for particle filtration efficiency. Our mask are fully certified under EN14683:2016 Type IIR which is equivalent to ASTM F2100-19 Level 2.

What is your manufacturing capacity?

We have 2 production lines capable of producing more than 10k pieces of surgical masks.

Do you provide OEM service?

Yes we do. We can follow your box packaging design and logo. However, our manufacturing company detail must be added to your packaging as part of the criteria.

Do you manufacture kid size surgical mask?

We do not manufacture kid-size mask.

What is the expiry date of your surgical mask?

Our masks typically expires in about 3 years from date of manufacture.

What is the packaging size?

Each box contains 50pcs of surgical mask packed in packs of 10s. One carton can house 40 boxes of surgical mask.

How many colours of surgical mask do you manufacture?

We have 3 types of colours : Blue, White, Black. All these colours are certified from testing laboratory in Singapore.

What is your typical payment and shipping terms?

Our standard terms are prepayment and exwork. We can negotiate the terms depending on your requested quantities.

EN14683 : 2019

This European standard helps to guide manufacturers in determining the performance of the surgical mask. It facilitate the choice of mask by compiling the information and performance data required for the mask.

By using this standard, users are able to determine how well the surgical mask is able to protect them from low to high level of aerosol exposure. We are proud to say that our mask is categorized under Type IIR, which is the highest level of this standard that is ideal for procedures that produces high levels of fluids, spray and aerosol.


High Filtration Efficiency

Our masks are tested to be able to filter off more than 98% of foreign substance found in aerosols.

3-Ply Protection

We have selected the best material to offer you the best protection against bacteria, virus and aerosols, making sure that our mask is able to provide the best protection possible to you.

Metal Nose Strip

Each mask contains a piece of malleable metal strip, making sure that the mask is able to cover your nose properly.

Elastic Ear Loop

Using soft elastic materials, we ensure the ear loop can properly fit user's ear. It is not too tight till it can hurt the user's ear after a long period of time and it is not too loose till the mask unable to fit properly to the user's face.

Our Mask Test Report

Name Of Test Report

Blue Colour

White Colour

Black Colour

Blue Colour

White Colour

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)

Flammability Test

Splash Resistance Synthetic Blood

Differential Pressure

Microbial Cleanliness

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