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Superior Sourcing Capability

Your product brand can make it or break it. That is why we seek to source the best material possible with best costing. We always strive to lower your product's bill of material so that you will always have the price benefit to offer to your consumer base.

Fast Turnaround

Whenever you place an order wit us, our team will execute the production plan and have your products ready to be delivered within the promised delivery date so you would not miss the opportunity to introduce your new products into the market.

Business Flexibility

We cater to your business needs no matter how big or small you are. The most important thing is that we want to help you scale up your business without worrying or fret about your product manufacturing process.

Logistic Solution

When it comes to logistic for your brand products, we have the ability to arrange door-to-door delivery across the globe either by air freight or sea freight.

Why Choose Us As Your Manufacturing Partner

Our Manufacturing Certification

Quality Management System

ISO 9001 : 2008

Quality Management For Medical Devices

ISO 13485 : 2016

Our Mission

We are dedicated to turn your ideas into reality and be your "Number One" supplier and business partner of your choice

Our Vision

To be the preferred business partner and aim to achieve the Best-In-Class in manufacturing and supply chain industry

Our Quality Policy

We always strive to comply and build high quality products & services which meet beyond your expectations and applicable regulatory requirements



We started in 2009 with one mission in mind: to be part of your team in taking great care of your product's prototype build down to mass production. 



We started to help businesses both local & overseas in manufacturing their in-house design printed circuit board assembly in transportation, biometrics and power controls related products.



After a few years of manufacturing just the PCBA alone, we started to venture into box-building and final packaging. Through this endeavor, we are able to help our customers bringing their brands into reality.



Through hard work & dedication of providing the best possible service to our customers, we have successfully obtained ISO9001 quality management system. With this certification, we are confident to offer our best quality services in helping customers thrive in their business of selling high quality product brands manufactured by us.



We started to provide cable harnessing services to further compliment our customer's business needs. With cable harnessing added into our production capabilities, we are able to build more complex box-builds and prototypes.



We are proud to be part of the Singapore Medtech Consortium, a group of Singapore-based companies from venture capitalist, manufacturers & distributors who wants to improve manufacturing capabilities in medical sector.  By joining this consortium, we are able to provide our service and expertise to customers in medical related fields around the world.



Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted many businesses and supply chains. Seeing the sudden shortage of surgical mask in Singapore has prompted us to join the call of manufacturing surgical masks and strengthen our own mask supply. We obtained ISO13485 medical device certification to produce cost effective surgical mask. In future, we will venture into manufacturing other medical devices.

Our History


Project Management

We have a dedicate team of engineers and managers to plan and execute the production line. Our team has the expertise to help tackle whatever quality/engineering issue in the production line

Global Sourcing

In order to manufacture products of the highest quality, we have built countless of business relationships with suppliers around the world in order to obtain raw materials of the highest quality with compelling pricing so that your product will always be of top-notch quality.

Full Turnkey/Box Build

Our team are capable to build and assemble within our compound if the volume is small or if it is a prototype build. When the production volume increase, we let our partner factories to take over while we monitor its progress and development

Cable Harnessing

Our engineers and operators have assembled many complex cable harnessing to cater for different manufacturing projects.

Metal Fabrication

We have the general metal fabrication capabilities to build complex assemblies & fixtures required for the project.

PCB Assembly

Our partner factory's state of the art SMT lines are more than capable to assemble massive amount of printed circuit boards in the shortest time possible. They are able to assemble complex electronic components such as flexible PCB, BGA , micro BGA or even component size smaller than 0201 onto the board. 

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